Scott Pugatch

President, Greenhill Properties, Inc.

I first met Brooks in 1997. I quickly learned that Brooks is a forthright, honest and intelligent guy. Over the ensuing 20 years a very comfortable relationship has grown. We regularly stay in touch, often playing golf together as well as meeting periodically to discuss business, personal and family planning needs.  Brooks’ recommendations are well thought out, carefully presented and always in our best interest.

Several years ago, Brooks introduced me to his money management partner who has also done an outstanding job. Like Brooks, he always does what is best for us.

I feel very fortunate to have developed such a wonderful relationship with Brooks as he is an important and valued advisor.


W. Lee Gaines, Jr.

President, Gaines & Company

Brooks and I first met as 7th graders at Gilman School. We became good friends and enjoyed playing high school football together at Gilman. Since college we have become even closer friends. In addition to our great friendship, I feel very fortunate to have benefited from Brooks’ expertise and very helpful advice over these many years.

I have relied on Brooks’ honest, intelligent advice in a number of areas of my personal and business planning. He has placed a significant amount of life insurance coverage for my wife and me related to our estate planning. In addition, he has placed life insurance coverage on my brother and me for our business partnership’s buy-sell agreement. He has also created special benefit plans for our company’s key employees.

In addition, Brooks introduced us to an excellent partner whose firm has done an outstanding job assisting us with our company health insurance plan.

He also introduced me to one of his partners whose firm manages Brooks’ investments and those of some of his other clients. I am pleased to be working with this partner and his highly reputable firm as well.


Richard Bastinelli

President, Centric Business Systems

I have known Brooks since 1991. Over the years Brooks has assisted me as a trusted member of my estate planning team, providing me with excellent advice and counsel. He has advised me regarding the purchase of life insurance and is affiliated with the top companies in the marketplace.

Not only is Brooks skilled in his area of expertise, he is also very trustworthy, intelligent, conscientious, and always has my best interests at heart! We have become very close friends over the years.


Pierce Dunn

Chairman, J.J. Haines Company

Brooks and I have been friends since the 9th grade! We enjoyed playing baseball together on our high school team at Gilman School.

Brooks has always been very honest, smart, hard-working and committed to the things that he cares deeply about!

In college we both took up lacrosse from scratch. Brooks excelled quickly in the sport and became Co-Captain and an All-American his senior year at Cornell University....a testament to his passion, determination and strong work ethic. He carried these qualities with him into business when he struck out on his own at the age of 26. I was Brooks’ very first client, dating back to February, 1978. 

After practicing law for a few years and completing a successful business turnaround, I purchased a company and Brooks assisted me with life insurance funding for our buy-sell agreement, as well as with the implementation of key man life insurance. Brooks has also assisted me with life insurance for my personal estate planning.

I have always had the upmost confidence in Brooks. There is never a doubt about his sincerity and integrity, which is why so many people have placed their trust in him over the years!


Bruce Carnes

Sr. VP, Finance and Administration, at NCTA – The Internet & Television Association

Brooks is terrific - honest, reliable and intelligent, and he really knows his business. He’s committed to doing the best job he can for us.

Under different CEO’s at NCTA over the last 16 years, Brooks has helped us acquire a significant amount of key man life and disability insurance. He also introduced us to his health insurance advisory firm. We’ve been extremely pleased with the excellent service and expertise they have provided.


Ed St. John

Chairman, St. John Properties, LLC

I have known Brooks since 1982. He is very reliable, trustworthy and competent. He has assisted me in a number of important planning areas, including Key Man life insurance for my company, as well as with my personal estate planning.


Rick Smulovitz

Executive VP at Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

Brooks first called on me in 2003. While he offered some great suggestions and recommendations in our initial meetings, he patiently waited for me to decide when the timing was right to implement those suggestions and recommendations.

Brooks has assisted our company with the purchase of Key Man life insurance. In addition, he has introduced us to his excellent health insurance partner, and that partner’s firm has done an outstanding job for us.

I have also asked Brooks to review my personal life insurance coverage.

Some of the words I would use to describe Brooks are trustworthy, sincere and attentive. He is genuinely interested not only in our company’s well-being, but in mine as well.


Jay Baldwin

President, Reliable Contracting Company, Inc

Brooks and I have developed an excellent business relationship over the years, and have become good friends as well. He is a great guy.

I never doubt that Brooks is doing the best possible job for us! He always shows many options for solving a planning need, and is a trustworthy and valued advisor.


Jeff Clary

Principal, Grander Capital Partners, LLC

Brooks has become a very trusted advisor of mine in recent years. He is thoughtful and genuinely interested in the well-being of our family. This is reflected in everything he has done to assist us.

Brooks has assisted my wife and me with life and disability insurance coverage, ensuring that we have adequate protection for each other and for our children. He has also assisted us with the purchase of Whole Life policies for our young sons, which have significant future guaranteed purchase options that will serve them well when they are adults.

Brooks has attended some of our sons’ basketball and lacrosse games. Having been an All-American lacrosse player at Cornell, I know he especially enjoys watching our boys’ lacrosse games.


Eva Nechay

Owner, Industrial Refrigeration Services, Inc.

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Brooks. I have known and worked with him since 2000. Over the years he has guided us through the difficult process of financial and estate planning, presenting solutions for all of our concerns.

I have always felt very confident that Brooks would recommend the right solutions for all of our planning efforts. He would listen intently to what we were hoping to accomplish and would present solid suggestions in all areas. He has never been too busy to answer a call and has always been willing to coordinate with our attorneys and accountants to ensure consensus regarding his recommendations.

I have never hesitated to contact Brooks regarding any financial planning direction, with complete confidence in his knowledge and expertise. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.

Brooks has also become a good friend. He has a genuine caring nature, both professionally and personally.


Ken Dodson

President & CEO, Bray & Scarff, Inc.

I met Brooks over 28 years ago. He has been an excellent and trusted advisor for many years! He is a good listener, smart, very honest and really knows his business. I always know he is doing his very best to help me. Brooks has also become a good friend and someone I know I can really rely on!

After I purchased a business 20 years ago, Brooks was instrumental in assisting with the funding of our corporate buy-sell agreement with life insurance. He worked closely with me, educating me about all the various types of insurance options and representing me to top companies. In addition, he has assisted me with the purchase of Key Man life insurance for our key employees.

Years ago, Brooks also introduced us to his partner who specializes in health insurance/employee benefits. His partner’s firm is one of the most highly regarded employee benefits advisory firms in our area. We are grateful for that introduction.


Bruce Votta

President, Spears-Votta & Associates, Inc.

Brooks and I have been working together since 1987. He has earned my trust because he has proven to be an honest, intelligent, sincere and patient individual who puts me and my family’s well-being first.

Brooks and his quality staff have helped me with a number of important life insurance purchases over the years, both for personal and business planning. They also service a number of policies that another agent had originally placed for me. It is a great help that they continue to review the annual performance of those policies since I no longer work with that agent.

We continue to meet on a regular basis, including having an annual review meeting at my office, along with our key assistants. We comprehensively review all of my personal and business-related coverage at that time. I greatly appreciate this annual evaluation and his helpful recommendations.

On a personal note, Brooks and I enjoy playing golf together, and my wife Mary and I also enjoy getting together with Brooks and other friends for dinner. I have recommended Brooks to several of my friends and they also enjoy a very good professional working relationship.


Ed Calkins

Partner, RGM Capital, LLC

Brooks and I met in 2011 when he was elected to the Board of Directors of the US Lacrosse Foundation. I was Chairman at the time and was very excited about him joining the Board. Brooks had a reputation for bringing passion and a strong work ethic to any endeavor in which he became involved. We really hit it off and worked closely together. Brooks has been an outstanding board member and has made a real difference in the organization with his commitment of time and energy.

As we became close friends, I welcomed the opportunity for Brooks to share his professional expertise by assisting my wife and me with an important part of our estate planning. He carefully reviewed our existing life insurance coverage, recommending that we keep those policies in place. Thanks to his helpful recommendations we decided to augment our existing coverage through him. He also reviewed the beneficiary designations on both our existing and new coverage to ensure that they appropriately coordinated with our wills.


Lisa Gobrecht

President, Daft-McCune-Walker, Inc.(DMW)

Since 2009, Brooks has assisted DMW with various life insurance needs, including the use of life insurance to fund our company’s buy-sell agreement. As an advisor, and friend, Brooks is always looking for ways to add value to DMW, through new products or introductions to his team partners. Because Brooks is a valuable advisor to many people and companies, he has the ability to provide assistance and guidance in many areas. Through these introductions to Brooks’ partners, DMW has been able to enhance the health insurance program and retirement plans we offer to our employees.


Richie Moran

Retired Lacrosse Head Coach, Cornell University, Member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame

As Brooks’ lacrosse coach at Cornell from 1969 to 1973, I am delighted to write a testimonial for him.

Brooks was a very good football and baseball player in high school. To my good fortune, he decided to play lacrosse in his freshman year at Cornell, having never picked up a stick before! In Brooks’ sophomore year we won the National Championship. In his senior year, he became an All-American and team captain.

Brooks excelled because of his commitment, self-discipline and great work ethic. He worked out year round back in the day when few players did. He was passionate about becoming the best he could be, which is an innate part of who he is.

Brooks and I have stayed very close friends over all these years!

Recently, Brooks spearheaded a fundraiser to have the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum named in my honor (it is housed in the National Lacrosse Headquarters in Baltimore). Brooks was able to secure financial commitments from over 200 of my former players to make this happen! He described his efforts as a “Labor of Love” and an expression of his gratitude for the profound impact I have had on his life.