Background and Formative Years


I grew up in a working class neighborhood southeast of Baltimore. My father was a funeral director and I grew up above the funeral home. Having known people from a wide range of backgrounds has helped me to appreciate people for who they are as individuals rather than “where they came from”. Integrity and work ethic are what I admire most in people. Whether a person only has a high school degree or a PhD, I relate well to them if they possess these qualities of character.

Mom and Dad received excellent formal education growing up so I was encouraged to seek excellent formal education as well. I attended Gilman School in Baltimore for grades K-12, and then Cornell University, where I received my BA in Economics. My strong work ethic evolved at a very young age, and I thrived academically and athletically at both Gilman and Cornell.

While at Gilman, I was co-captain of my football team and catcher on the baseball team, receiving conference honors in both sports. During my graduation ceremony at Gilman, I unexpectedly received the following award from the faculty with an inscription that read:


James Brooks Bradley

The Faculty

 With appreciation for

                 His unfailing cheerfulness and steadfast
                 Loyalty to everything the School stands for
                 And for his commitment to the highest
                       Principles of strong character.

As a freshman at Cornell I decided to give lacrosse a try for the first time in my life. My lacrosse experience became one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. As a sophomore I was fortunate to play on the NCAA Lacrosse Championship Team, the very first NCAA Lacrosse Championship in history. As a senior, I was selected to the All-American Lacrosse Team and was tri-captain of my team.

I am proud of these accomplishments because I believe they demonstrate the strong commitment and work ethic that I apply to areas in my life that are important to me, including my business life. My clients appreciate these qualities in me.