Core Expertise


As my business has evolved over many years, my clients today are typically successful business owners and/or retired wealthy families. I assist them with the more complex issues related to their planning (which I enumerate below). I never hesitate, however, to assist anyone who contacts me and needs help with the simplest planning need. I enjoy the process of sharing my knowledge and expertise with those who are trying to protect themselves and their families in the event of their untimely passing.

I have earned and continue to earn the trust and confidence of my clients for several reasons:

  • being a good listener to really understand their needs.
  • being adept at asking relevant and helpful questions.
  • offering solutions to their problems that reflect their particular circumstances.
  • where appropriate, working closely as a team with my client’s CPA and/or estate planning attorney in the planning process.

(When implementing a life insurance product, I am a true broker, with the ability to represent my clients to many quality companies, thereby suggesting approaches that offer the best pricing and quality available in the marketplace).         

Examples of the planning issues I address with clients are the following:

Corporate Life Insurance issues/needs --

  • Buy-Sell funding             
  • Key person exposure
  • Supplemental benefit planning for key employees
  • ESOP funding
  • Protection against debt exposure

Estate planning issues/Life Insurance needs --

  • Life Insurance for Estate Tax Liquidity
  • Life Insurance as a “Separate” Asset Class
  • Coordinating the use of Life Insurance with other non-insurance estate valuation/discount strategies
  • Life Insurance for children and grandchildren

Disability insurance --

  • Assessing disability needs and strategies where appropriate

Long-term care insurance --

  • Evaluating appropriate uses of long-term care insurance